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Funny Video

Aliens and Transportation?

Check it out at our new site.


Why Change Blogs

You may be wondering why we have changed from a wordpress blog to our new blogger blog.

The answer is simple, money.

While although I like the wordpress platform and it diversity and power, they do not allow google adsense.

Whereas, blogger does. I am not looking to get rich or even support myself solely form blogging, but why not earn a little everyday for doing something you are already doing for free?

The process is simple. I set up a Adsense account with Google, then ad my blogger site, and boom they add ads to my site. Every time one of my readers click on an ad they are interested in, SNAP, a couple cents my pocket.

For that it is a no brainer.

Sorry WordPress, love your software, but $5 to $10 a day is better.

Thank you all for reading!

Nikon 24 MP camera

Nikon rumors of new 24 megal-pixel camera.

Check out the post on our new website. Please bookmark it and refer to it first always.


New site

iPhone Ad Banned

See it at our new site  the tech nutz.blogspot.com

Google’s new Search tool SearchWiki

Check it out at our new site.


Guitar Hero: Man vs Robot

Check out the world’s fastest and highest score on Guitar Hero, as well as a video of Cythbot, the robot that can play Guitar Hero.

At the new TECH NUTZ site

How to Hack Myspace

New video how to hack myspace.

Found at the new technutz blog.

Be sure to watch all the youtube videos.