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Why Change Blogs

You may be wondering why we have changed from a wordpress blog to our new blogger blog.

The answer is simple, money.

While although I like the wordpress platform and it diversity and power, they do not allow google adsense.

Whereas, blogger does. I am not looking to get rich or even support myself solely form blogging, but why not earn a little everyday for doing something you are already doing for free?

The process is simple. I set up a Adsense account with Google, then ad my blogger site, and boom they add ads to my site. Every time one of my readers click on an ad they are interested in, SNAP, a couple cents my pocket.

For that it is a no brainer.

Sorry WordPress, love your software, but $5 to $10 a day is better.

Thank you all for reading!


Dubai’s New Skyscrapper

This one will be called Anara Tower, and while it’s not going to be the tallest in the world (it’ll be about 500 feet shorter than the Burj Dubai at 2,150 feet), it’s still incredible all on its own. The defining element of the Anara Tower is the massive propeller-like structure at the very top, at the center of which will be a glass-ceiling hub containing one of the world’s most luxe restaurants. Strangely, the propeller doesn’t rotate. Inside the tower there will be 300 super-expensive apartments, a 250-room luxury hotel and gardens every 27 floors. It will have a total of 125 stories.

The skyscraper is designed by Atkins Design Studio and developed by Tameer Holding Investment.

Construction is set to begin the end of 2009

Capital Gate, uhh where’s the Gate?

Now before you go checking to see if you need to put a coaster under one of your chair’s legs let me explain that the 18 degree tilt you see is intentional. This beautiful structure, being currently constructed in Abu Dhabi, has been submitted to Guinness Book of Records as the most inclined building in the world. (The unintentional Leaning Tower of Pisa currently leans only 3.97 degrees.)
Capital Gate is part of a $2.2 billion plan to build a micro city around the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. Who says oil doesn’t pay!

David Pringle, CEO, RMJM Asia and the Middle East commented: “Capital Gate will be one of a kind. Its graceful, asymmetric diagonal structure, known as a ‘diagrid’, supports the tilting external load of the building and we believe that this is the first building in the world to use a pre-cambered core.”
Capital Gate is scheduled to be completed by the end of ’09.