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Why Change Blogs

You may be wondering why we have changed from a wordpress blog to our new blogger blog.

The answer is simple, money.

While although I like the wordpress platform and it diversity and power, they do not allow google adsense.

Whereas, blogger does. I am not looking to get rich or even support myself solely form blogging, but why not earn a little everyday for doing something you are already doing for free?

The process is simple. I set up a Adsense account with Google, then ad my blogger site, and boom they add ads to my site. Every time one of my readers click on an ad they are interested in, SNAP, a couple cents my pocket.

For that it is a no brainer.

Sorry WordPress, love your software, but $5 to $10 a day is better.

Thank you all for reading!


How to Hack Myspace

New video how to hack myspace.

Found at the new technutz blog.

Be sure to watch all the youtube videos.


New Site

Please check out our new web site at thetechnutz.blogspot.com

WPA Hacked, Now Protect Yourself

wpa-hackedAs reported earlier, the WPA router can be hacked in just a few minutes. But that does not mean you are doomed. Lifehacker has  posted a practical way to protect yourself.

The key: Just log into your router, switch off Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) as an encryption mode, and use Advanced Encryption System (AES) only. TKIP is the only protocol that the hack applies to, so switching to AES-only will ensure that your Wi-Fi network is safe again. It’s quick and easy, so do yourself a favor and make the adjustment now so you don’t run into any problems in the future.

Here are some other things you could try;

1)  Have a MAC level filtering at your router.

2)  Change the default settings of your router’s Web-based administration

3)  Turn off broadcasting of your SSID.

4)  Setup WPA-AES that uses a radius server to generate dynamic keys for you.

Then again you could just share!

iPhone Tethering Coming Soon!

iphone1According to Mobile Crunch AT&T has sanctioned tethering of the iPhone. Tethering is the process by which you allow the iPhone to act as a 3G modem for your laptop. This would allow you to share the iPhone’s cellular connection with your laptop.  While although Mobile Crunch had no pricing info on the tethering, AT&T usually charges $30 a month for this service on other phones.

As if those iPhone plans were not expensive enough!

Mac Rumors has heard that this tethering capability is expected to be built into the 2.2 firmware.

All of this may not be monumental news since this can be done with out paying $30 a month on a jailbroken iPhone.

But we will see.

WPA Routers Hacked!

enus_left-hires_product_wgr614v5We all knew it could be done; that a hacker with enough time and processing power could watch your WPA-protected wireless network and, eventually, decrypt your precious datas. But did anyone guess it could be done in under 15 minutes? Not I! Well WiFi wizard Erik Tews has done just that, he’ll be giving a presentation next week at the PacSec Conference in Tokyo, describing the “mathematical breakthrough” that, he says, enables him to crack WPA-TKIP in 12 to 15 minutes.

There are some limitations, as the data sent from a connected device to the compromised router is apparently still safe, but anything headed the other way is wide open. Tews was the guy able to crack WEP in under a minute last year, ironically advising people to switch to WPA ASAP at the time.

So what should you do to secure your network? Switch to WPA2, which is still uncracked,at-least until this Tews sets his sight on that also.

Good thing I don’t have anything worth looking at on my computer.

Via PC World

Update here is a brand new Youtube How to on the hack.