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iPhone Ad Banned

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Apple’s New Patent

thumb160x_appleheadtrackpatent-lg1Apple’s patents sometimes confuse me and this new one is one of those patents.. It’s for a goggle-like display system with an in-built head tracking system that changes the display from a somewhat boring “normal” static one into a dynamic view the recreates the feeling of being in an auditorium, baseball park or movie theater. It could even track the viewer’s eye movements to calculate their intended gaze and overlay fake audiences in front of the “screen” with accompanying audio effects.

This just makes me think of Knotting Hill, are we all gonna look like we are snorkeling to have the theater experience in our home?

Via Electronista

Mac Download


thumb160x_startscriptIf you like searching for music in the iTunes Music Store but would prefer to buy DRM-free MP3s encoded in a higher bit rate, then check out Advantageous, a script for iTunes 8. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, which is completely free, just click the script icon and select Get MP3 from Amazon while viewing a track listing in iTunes.download1

Your browser will open the relevant page for the artist or album at Amazon’s MP3 download store.

My question: how long will Jobs allow this one?

Via BoingBoing

4x Battery Life for iPhone

FastMac has released their second generation iV battery for the iPhone 3G, with the promise to deliver up to 24 hours of talk time, 750 hours (31 days) of standby, 20+ hours of video and almost 72 hours of audio playback time. Depending on your settings, we are talking triple or even quadruple the available power here. The extra battery life and added touches like a built-in LED flash/flashlight and a second USB port to charge additional gadgets definitely makes it an attractive option on paper. Plus, it is priced less at only $80.

iPhone to Cut Production


As reported by Market Watch, Apple is going to cut back production by as much as 40% for the fourth quarter. This is up from last months estimates of 10%. Comments have been made as to the possibility of cut backs even going into the first quarter as well. 

Just another sign of the recession I guess.

Microsoft parks “I’m a PC” recording booth outside Apple Store




The battle is heating up and you are going to have to pick a side. Smear campaigns have been initiated, no I am not talking about the Presidential election. We are talking PC vs Mac, and it looks like PC has taken it to a new level or new low.


After Apple started running its “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” ads and its ads pointing out the infamous faults of Vista, Windows has responded with its own “smear” campaign. They have started their own “I’m a PC” ad (boring)

and now tries this. Putting a booth where people can record their own “I’m a PC” video, right in front of an Apple Store! The booth is staffed with three ‘Softies who’ll try to sell you on the latest in Windows tech while making nyah-nyah faces at Apple store patrons, and guests are invited to make a short video explaining why they, too, are PCs. It is part of a $300 million campaign to “clean up” Vista’s image. (wouldn’t it be cheaper to make better products to begin with?) This comes with the Bill Gates Jerry Seinfeld commercials, I love Seinfeld but come on!

So the lines have been drawn where do you stand?

Story via AppleInsider