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Why Change Blogs

You may be wondering why we have changed from a wordpress blog to our new blogger blog.

The answer is simple, money.

While although I like the wordpress platform and it diversity and power, they do not allow google adsense.

Whereas, blogger does. I am not looking to get rich or even support myself solely form blogging, but why not earn a little everyday for doing something you are already doing for free?

The process is simple. I set up a Adsense account with Google, then ad my blogger site, and boom they add ads to my site. Every time one of my readers click on an ad they are interested in, SNAP, a couple cents my pocket.

For that it is a no brainer.

Sorry WordPress, love your software, but $5 to $10 a day is better.

Thank you all for reading!


Google’s new Search tool SearchWiki

Check it out at our new site.


Tesla Gets Another $40 Million

Just after reporting the layoffs at the Tesla Company, they have found themselves a saviour that will help with all of their financial problems. Seems a lot of people want to see this company get their cars produced considering all the different investors they have had. Past investors include Mr. Musk, who founded PayPal; Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of Google; Jeff Skoll, former eBay president and venture firms VantagePoint Venture Partners and Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Tesla has previously raised $146 million. 

So come on Tesla you got the cash, we want to see the cars!

via NYT

GOOGLE adds SMS Chat


About time. I mean come on haven’t all the greatest minds stopped working on the cure for cancer and gotten a job at Google? What took so long.  

Thats right, users of Google’s Gmail service can now send text message chats to mobile phones when using the webapp’s built-in Chat feature.

Nice and simple. Just be sure to include in your contact info you friends phone number in your account’s contacts and you are in business.

When you SMS your friend a number in the 406 area code will appear on the chat recipients phone. Google has made several thousand of these numbers available for use with the new experimental service. Probably since that area code is for MT and there are plenty of numbers available there since no one actually lives there. (I would know I used to) This 406 number can then be saved by recipients as it is associated to an account after it is used for the first time. Nice thing about this 406 number is it works both ways so your friend can message you back. 


Go get you SMS on!

Google to sell books online

Around four years ago Google started scanning out of print books supposedly to add as searches. This resulted in publishers getting a little worried and filing a law-suit. As this happened Google began scanning in-print books and now have over 7 million books scanned. Now Google and the Authors Guild are coming to an agreement to the tune of $125 million. Both parties are excited. 

“Call me weird, but I think there are a lot of advantages to reading books online,” Google co-founder Sergey Brin said in an interview Tuesday. “You don’t have to look at it at a funny angle, and today’s monitors have better resolution than ever.”

The settlement awaits approval in court. In the meantime Google has set up an online registry for authors. So that they can set the price and receive around 50% of the price.

So you gonna read a book online? I mean you likes to read mindless drivel on their computer? Oh wait…